Toronto Wedding at the Gardiner Museum | Rachel + Elliott

After meeting in high school, Rachel and Elliott never looked back. While preparing for their day, Rachel visited us at our flagship boutique. Envisioning something timeless, she and our stylist Vanessa created a custom dress that combined our Anika top and Starling skirt. Since no one had ever worn that combination before, we called it […]

Toronto Wedding at the Windsor Arms Hotel | Kristen + Amrithal

Sometimes, chance brings you and your person together. For Kristen and Amrithal, that moment was while they were both in France. Paris, to be exact. At the time, Amrithal was there while studying abroad. Meanwhile, Kristen was there to visit a friend. “My friend knew his roommate well and we all agreed to meet up […]

Niagara Wedding at Cave Spring Vineyard | Veronica + Graeme

An early fall vineyard wedding is next-level dreamy—the light is golden, the air has that hint of crisp, and the leaves are juuuuust starting to think about turning. Veronica and Graeme took full advantage of the season and Cave Spring Vineyard‘s beauty on their Niagara wedding day. Their ceremony was held in the vineyard’s stunning […]

Enoch Turner SchoolHouse Wedding | Stephanie + Ryan

Confucianism class during their last year at Queen’s University was the first time Stephanie and Ryan met. But it was a chance meeting six years later that sparked the beginning of their lifelong romance. These two call the east end of Toronto home, so when they got engaged on Christmas morning, it seemed natural to […]

Modern Toronto Wedding at Canoe | Brady + Josh

Collaborating with our brides to create a gown that makes each feel gorgeous is one of our favorite things. So, when Brady walked into our Toronto flagship boutique searching for a wedding dress that combined her favorite design elements and made her feel like a million bucks, we were thrilled! Our creative bride chose a […]

Classic Islington Golf Club Wedding | Alex + Jared

After trying on many wedding dresses, Alex had narrowed down her choices to one gown. But, just in case, she kept her appointment with Vanessa at our flagship Toronto bridal boutique. “I decided I should explore all my options—sometimes you never know! I’m so happy I did. Vanessa was one of the best consultants I […]

Toronto Reference Library Wedding | Adriana + Jack

The library is such a wonderful place—wall-to-wall stories and information, and a hushed yet bright energy that’s hard to replicate. So, when Adriana visited our flagship boutique while planning her and Jack’s wedding at the Toronto Reference Library, our book-loving hearts flipped! Adriana’s choice of wedding venue had everything to do with her heart—and Jack’s. […]

Toronto Wedding at Black Creek | Jocelyn + Renner

A night out and a shared cocktail were the start of Jocelyn and Renner’s relationship. Some time later, another night out (this time with the girls) was the moment Jocelyn knew Renner was her person. “I remember calling to tell him about the plans for the night and how I was going to take the […]

Modern Evergreen Brick Works Wedding | Maria + Jon

Sweet romance and modernity mingled on Maria and Jon’s wedding day. Both their ceremony and reception were at the Evergreen Brickworks, a Toronto venue that’s not only beautiful but also a sustainable community space. Filled with color, love, and meaningful details (including Greek baklava and kourampiedes and classic Jewish babka), the day was a fun, […]

Toronto Wedding at Pillar and Post Hotel | Hannah + Andrew

When Hannah arrived at our flagship Toronto bridal boutique, it was after a stop at Gamberdella Bridal. Says our sweet bride, “I bought the topper first from a lovely shop in Maryland, Gamberdella Bridal, and after realizing that the dresses I was loving were made just a few blocks away from my childhood home in […]

Modern Toronto Wedding | Alex + Graham

There’s something about July in Toronto. The days are long, the light’s just right, and there’s a languid romance in the air. All that magic was in full effect on Alex and Graham’s wedding day. Our flagship Toronto boutique was one of Alex’s stops in her dress quest, and together with Vanessa, she created the […]

Toronto Wedding at Graydon Hall Manor | Caitlin + Stefan

Though thoroughly modern, a feeling of Gilded Age romance wove through Caitlin and Stefan’s wedding day. There’s their stunning venue, Graydon Hall, in whose garden these two wed before the loveliest arch of white roses ever. And then the clear tent strung with chandeliers and filled with candle-lit family-style dining. Then, there’s Caitlin in her […]

Wedding at The Toronto Hunt | Claire + Rob

When Claire and Rob first met, it was at a mutual friend’s family Christmas party. You might be thinking of kisses under the mistletoe, but you’d be wrong. Rob danced with Claire’s mum! The holiday magic was definitely there, though—Rob and Claire officially started dating a year later. Their engagement turned out to be a […]

Romantic Pastel Toronto Wedding | Loreanne + Kelvin

There’s lots to love about our flagship Toronto bridal boutique, but one of our favorites is working with women to create the custom wedding dress of their dreams. It was 2020, and Loreanne was planning a beautiful wedding at Whistle Bear Golf Club. Of course, it was during the pandemic’s beginnings, and all was uncertain. […]

Summer Wedding at Angus Golf Club | Gabriella + Matthew

Gabriella and Matthew first laid eyes on one another on Hinge. When they met in person, sparks flew, and over time their relationship grew. When Matthew was ready to propose, he knew exactly what to do—ask Gabriella to be his wife in Romania on the sandy shores of the Black Sea. Shares Gabriella, “My parents […]

Enoch Turner Schoolhouse Wedding | Elise + Jonas

Love Actually is Elise’s favorite movie, and Jonas is a hopeless romantic. Because when he proposed, he went big with possibly the most heart-melting film reference ever. Shares Elise, “A few days before Christmas, I came home from work and quickly received a phone call from Jonas asking me to meet him on our front […]

Fabulous Stratus Vineyard Wedding | Jhanelle + Darren

There’s so much fun and joy and general epic-ness going on here that we hardly know where to start. So, we’ll begin at the beginning, which is the moment Jhanelle realized Darren was her person for life: “I knew he was the one when I would start missing him before he left, and we already […]

Auberge du Pommier Wedding | Melody + Timothy

So much love and jaw-dropping gorgeous happened on Melody and Timothy’s day! We first met Melody at our flagship Toronto bridal boutique as she sought just the right bridal gown for her wedding and reception at Auberge du Pommier.  In the end, it wasn’t a dress that was Melody’s match, but separates in the form [...]

Toronto Wedding at York Mills Gallery | Erin + Geoff

A blind date sparked Erin and Geoff’s love story. Following that meant-to-be moment, they soon became an inseparable duo. Though delayed, their Toronto wedding at York Mill Gallery was everything they’d hoped for and more. Explains Erin, “Our wedding day was postponed twice because of Covid but we were determined to still make it the [...]

Wedding at the Royal Ontario Museum | Marika + Graeme

Classic, elegant, and super cool (their reception was at the Royal Ontario Museum! Pictures in the dinosaur exhibit!), Marika and Graeme’s day was a full-throated celebration of the couple. Graeme has wholeheartedly embraced Marika’s Ukrainian culture, and thus it played an important role in their day. Their ceremony was held at her Ukrainian Catholic church [...]

Timeless, Gracious Toronto Wedding | Liana + Roberto

Liana’s bridesmaids get heaps of gold stars for helping Liana keep her gown looking ah-mazing. It had rained the morning of her and Roberto’s wedding, leaving the ground quite muddy. Following their ceremony, the two popped over to Sunnyside Pavilion in Toronto for pictures, and the mud had made close, personal friends with Liana’s hem [...]

Eagle’s Nest Golf Club Wedding | Yasaman & Rouzbeh

What happens when longtime friends go out on a date? In Yasaman and Rouzbeh’s case, they found out that the right person had been there all along! Following a sweet backyard engagement, these two began planning a wedding in either France or Italy. Remembers Yasaman, “We loved the chic, effortless, outdoorsy, yet cozy feel of [...]

Intimate Toronto Wedding at the Old Mill | Ksenia + Vlad

You guys—talk about meant to be. Ksenia and Vlad initially met in 2012 on a college trip. While chatting, they discovered they were both Russians but from totally different parts of the country. The two kept in touch for a while, but in time they lost contact. That is until six years later when, out [...]

Modern Toronto Wedding at The Symes | Allie + Matt

Tons of love and laughter went down on Allie and Matt's Toronto wedding day. These two have known each other since they were teenagers, and it's clear they have the best time ever together. We bet the notebook of ten years' worth of photos together that Matt made as part of his proposal was the [...]

Cozy, Delightfully Snowy Winter Wedding | Caitlin + Kyle

Wintry and jaw-droppingly romantic, we’re betting Kyle and Caitlin’s wedding will inspire snowy  ‘I dos’! Kyle and Caitlin’s journey to Mr. and Mrs. began with an amazing trip to Montenegro. As our sweet bride told us, “Kyle proposed on top of a gorgeous mountain in Kotor, Montenegro! We drove up the steep hillside very early […]

Modern Wedding at the Broadview Hotel | Catherine + Tobi

There are a lot of things to love about Catherine and Tobi’s wedding day at the Broadview Hotel.  In addition to being beautiful (hello, bright, airy, and warmly modern!), there is so much love and laughter going on it’s contagious. If you’re wondering whether Catherine and Tobi always have so much fun together, the answer [...]

Free-spirited Greenhouse Wedding | Elle + Quade

Before we knew pandemics were a thing, people were getting married outdoors and hosting intimate weddings. There are, of course, obvious differences between a small, pre-2020 celebration and the challenges couples are met with now, but some things—like joy, love, and family– haven’t changed at all. Hosted at Madsen’s Greenhouse here in Toronto, Elle and [...]

Toronto Wedding at the Ritz-Carlton | Sharon + Kingsley

The internet Is the best matchmaker around. Don’t believe us? Ask Sharon and Kingsley, who went to the same university and had loads of mutual friends…and should have met in person. Ten years later, the internet brought them together. Then, these two got engaged after running a half-marathon! When in search of her gown, Sharon [...]

Classic, Intimate Toronto Wedding | Ivony + Philip

Church is a big part of Ivony and Philip’s lives—these two met and have spent a lot of time together at their church in Toronto. So, when they went on a trip to Rome with Ivony’s family and Philip insisted on revisiting Chiesa Nuova, an ancient church in Rome important to both of them, she [...]

Romantic, Intimate Toronto Wedding | Lauren + Ian

After meeting while living in the same residences at Western University, Lauren and Ian’s relationship arced in a slow burn. When we asked Lauren how she knew Ian was the right partner, her answer was moving in its simplicity. “There was no specific moment that I remember thinking he was "the one." Our relationship started [...]