Adaumont Farms Wedding with an Epic Father-Daughter Dance | Hayley + Levi

It’s a little early in the year, but we’re pretty sure Hayley and her dad win the prize for best father-daughter dance of 2018!

Our lovely bride and her sweet groom, Levi, were wed in fabulous, fun style in North Carolina at Adaumont Farms. Both grand and rustic (we’re talking glittering chandeliers in a barn), their venue had an amazing dance floor, essential since Hayley and her dad secretly planned a choreographed number to surprise everyone. Plus, Hayley told us that one of her cousins and a friend had a breakdance moment!

Originally, Hayley had chosen a different gown than the Ariel top and Star skirt, but at the last moment, a friend suggested she give it a twirl and boom! Love at first sight. That last-minute change-up turned out to be an excellent turn of events, since Hayley could then slip into a shorter skirt for the reception, making it way easier to bust a move.

Get the details about how she found her gown, that amazing father-daughter dance, an amazing honeymoon itinerary, and more from Hayley:

How did your sweetie propose?

“We were at Atlantis in the Bahamas. After a great dinner, we took a walk on the beach, and he got down on one knee! “

wedding dress: Lea-Ann Belter Ariel top + Rose skirt via Traditions by Anna| photographer: Folklife Photography | scroll down for full vendor list

How did you choose your gown?

“This was quite an adventure. I actually committed to a different gown (it was the first one I tried on, and completely different from the one I actually chose). However, my mother was not there for that appointment, so I made another one so that she and my mother-in-law could come and be involved in the “yes” moment.

During that appointment, my best friend, Dzenita, saw Lea-Ann Belter’s two-piece dress and said that I should try it on since it was so different and I would never be trying on dresses again! Once I did I completely fell in love, and everyone knew that was a better dress for me than my original choice. I came back for a final appointment (which was the 5th appointment I had at this dress boutique—I can’t believe they weren’t tired of me!) when Lea-Ann was actually there! She measured me and even drew me a sketch of the dress. It was a very special day!”


What’s your funniest wedding day memory?

“My husband’s cousin and friend had a full-on break dance moment to ‘N Sync’s “Bye Bye Bye” song. The best part were the pictures my photographer was able to capture!”


What was your favorite wedding day moment?

“Too many to choose from! My father and I did a choreographed Father/Daughter dance that we put together ourselves. My friend remixed the music for us and we did it as a surprise! It worked out perfectly that my dress was two pieces, because I changed into a smaller skirt for the dance.  Also, my husband and I had our own “last dance” just us two, while the guests were escorted outside to get ready for our exit. That was such a sweet moment and a great way to end the night. “


What was your something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue?

“Something Old was actually a six-pence that my Uncle found for me in London. I also wore it in my shoe! My Something New was my dress, Something Borrowed was the garter I wore—my husband had actually caught it at my friend’s wedding, and then we used it for our garter, too.. My Something Blue was the bottom of my wedding shoes! “


Where did you go on your honeymoon? 

“We went to Italy! Highly highly recommend. We traveled to Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre and Rome over 2 weeks. The food and wine were amazing!”


Any advice for future brides/grooms?

“Make your day how you want it. Really don’t worry about what other people think. Also, I would splurge on a photographer because they can capture moments you may miss as the day flies by!”

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Hayley + Levi’s Adaumont Farms Wedding Vendors

wedding dress: Lea-Ann Belter Ariel top + Rose skirt via Traditions by Anna | photographer: Folklife Photography | venue: Adaumont Farm | hair + make-up: Teighla Norris  | florals: Beverlys of Midway | wedding planner + coordinator: Perfect Pair Events | videography: Carolina Story Film Co.

Adaumont Farms Wedding with an Epic Father-Daughter Dance | Hayley + Levi
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