Socially-Distant Farm Wedding | Kyra + Aaron

Planning a wedding only to have it derailed by a pandemic is, to say the least, a disappointment. However, for many planning couples, the decision to move forward while social distancing seems just right, and in doing so, the event evolves into something special, rare and bright. But how do you even make the decision to get married in the middle of a pandemic? Our sweet bride Kyra explains what led her and Aaron to tie the knot regardless:

“Aaron and I were never too focused on having a big wedding, and wanted a casual, unique, and fun evening. When we first got engaged, Aaron even said to me, “I would bring you to city hall and marry you today!” As we started to actually plan the wedding, of course it grew bigger, but we were very excited. Then, COVID hit. I heard about many weddings being postponed but we thought, “We’ll be fine by August.” As the pandemic grew, we dealt with the new normal together—the stress of me not going to work and Aaron having to work from home, the sadness of being apart from family and unable to hug our loved ones, the fear of us or our loved ones contracting the disease. It became evident that COVID was going to affect our wedding, too. We decided that we wanted to get married no matter what, whether gatherings were allowed or if all we were allowed was two witnesses and the officiant. In fact, going through all the difficulties of the pandemic together, dealing with the emotions that came with it, just made me want to marry him even more.

Our perception of what our wedding was going to be changed many times throughout the course of our engagement, but what hadn’t changed—and what is truly important—was what we knew our marriage, and our lives together, would be. We didn’t want to wait a moment longer to begin the next chapter of our journey and I am so happy with the special day we had. Love isn’t cancelled!”

That’s right, girl. Love isn’t cancelled!

Kyra and Aaron re-planned their wedding, this time as a socially-distanced celebration at her parent’s farm. And that joyous, affirming, love-isn’t-cancelled vibe just shines (even though the sun didn’t). More on the stormy weather, their engagement, Kyra’s Sofia gown, and how their amazing day all went down from our sweet bride:


How did you know Aaron was “the one”?


“It was all the little things. For me, it was so comfortable and natural that one day it felt obvious, like we had known it all along. When we would travel, I knew I didn’t want to go on an adventure with anyone else, and we would always be ready to plan the next one. When we would be living our day to day life, I was happy with even the mundane tasks with him by my side, and all of a sudden I couldn’t picture a version of my future without him.”

wedding dress: Lea-Ann Belter Sofia via the flagship Toronto bridal boutique | photographer: Katie Crane Photography | full vendor list at bottom

How did your sweetie propose?


“We decided together that we were ready to get engaged, and Aaron recommended we have my ring custom-made. For a few months, we designed the ring and worked with Kahn’s Jewellers in Thornhill. One day, I came home from work and went upstairs to change, and my phone rang with a photo texted to me. A week earlier than I expected to see it completed, the photo was our ring sitting on our kitchen table. I ran downstairs and sure enough, there he was on one knee.”


How did you choose your gown?


“I had tried on a few at a few different stores but decided to come back to Lea-Ann Belter a second time with more fashion consultants as I loved all the options there! Honestly, the Sofia gown was just perfect. I think it chose me!”


Tell us about your day!


“Due to COVID, we waited as long as we could to make the decision and chose to host our wedding outside on my parents’ farm instead of our original venue. We rented a tent to shield from weather, and planned for a socially distanced ceremony and cocktail hour. We had custom facemasks made for our guests. Friends and family helped with making decorations, setting up, organizing vendors, and so much more. We were so lucky to have such supportive friends, family, and vendors to make the day run smoothly, even in a private location that isn’t an event venue!

The night before, Aaron and I wrote little notes for each other to read before the wedding. Once I was all made-up and dressed, I read the note Aaron wrote me (I should have read it before putting on makeup!), then Aaron and I had our first look together. It had been pouring rain with thunder and lightning all morning, and by some miracle, the sky cleared just in time for photos! Seeing him walking over to me, and meeting him to embrace him is a moment I will never forget. We took photos with our family and wedding party, with the sun shining!

We had a Jewish wedding. Before the main ceremony, there was a smaller ceremony where we read and signed the marriage documents and where Aaron covered my face with the veil. Then we met under the Chuppah, broke the glass, and blessed the wine over my grandfather’s wine (who was not able to join us as he lives in a nursing home).

Afterwards, there were cocktails, food, and dessert, and guests mingled socially distanced and with their masks on. A three-piece band (pared down from the original plan of an eight-piece party band!) played live music. The guest count being much smaller than our pre-COVID plans meant we were able to talk to all of our guests and the event ended up being intimate, casual, and memorable. It was all very special!”


What was your first dance song?

“”Your Song” by Elton John.”


One detail you couldn’t live without?


“Our first look. That was the moment it really sunk in that I was about to marry my best friend and it was so magical!”


Describe your wedding day in five words or fewer:


“Intimate, romantic, spontaneous, casual, and happy.”


What was the funniest moment of your day?


“Katie, our photographer, was taking a portrait of me. The wind was very strong and my veil caught up in the wind. We all thought how nice this photo would look, until it blew right off my head and onto the roof! Luckily Aaron rounded the corner just in time, and climbed up on a chair and was able to bring it back to me!”


What was your something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue?


“Old & blue – I wore a ring that was my maternal grandmother’s
New & blue – A blue garter
New – My dress & shoes
Borrowed – Earrings from my mom.”


Three words that best describe your partner:

“Me about Aaron: Supportive, capable, charming.
Aaron about me: Patient, beautiful, genuine.”


Where did you go on your honeymoon?

“To be decided when it is safe to travel!”


Any advice for future brides/grooms?

“During the wedding, enjoy every second, it really does go by in a flash. Spend time with all your guests, but also spend time alone with your partner, and alone with yourself! Also… it’s ok when things don’t go as planned!”

Kyra + Aaron’s Farm Wedding Vendors

wedding dress: Lea-Ann Belter Sofia via the flagship Toronto bridal boutique | photographer: Katie Crane Photography | hair: Hippie Hair Concepts | makeup: Orly Waldman Makeup Artist | stationery: Leaky Studios | tent + rentals: Diamond Tent & Rentals | florals: Cool Green & Shady | caterer: Cherry St BBQ | desserts: Delights by Dakota | band: Super Sonic Hearts Band

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